App Assets for Pebble Rebel

Ryan Novak, intrepid app developer, has set about programming an iOS/Android version of Pebble Rebel. It's still very early, but I'm building up an asset library for the app now. We're a two-man team, and I'm not exactly super experienced with developing graphics for a digital UI, so this might not be as flashy as some apps you've got now. But the game itself is gonna be solid in Ryan's able programmery hands.


  1. I remember ages ago I was approached by Rick Loomis/Flying Buffalo to do some computer art, he needed something recognizable done in a format that, if I recall correctly, was smaller than 50x50 pixels. I actually thought about it for a minute before telling him that you can't do photo-quality faces in 50x50.

    Amazing what my iPhone 4S has for screen resolution.


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