Writer's Dice

These are dice for writers, storytellers and gamers! In addition to the normal 1-6 pips, these dice are etched with six words packed with meaning: BUT, SO, AND, AS, OR, IF. Use them to plot your next novel! Roll them into your role-playing games! Gift them to your gaming buddies!

» Sorry, the physical Writer's Dice are now sold out!
» Download the App for iPhone/iPad, Android, or Windows Phone
» Download the free Writer's Dice Guide [PDF]       Creative Commons License


  1. Didn't know there's an app! Purchased! Looking forward to the meatspace version, too. :)

  2. Very cool! Will you be doing more apps like this in the future?

  3. Ryan Novak is working on Pebble Rebel now:


    After that, we'll see!

  4. Only a little while longer till they release. Has the release date been narrowed down at all?

  5. Maybe! February is a crazy busy month, but we just might have the store open sooner than we thought.


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