Card Layout for Race to Adventure

You've heard me yap on and on about card game design over the past year.

Well, Fred Hicks and Evil Hat finally called me on it and hired me to do the layout for their new card game Race to Adventure, the card game set in the Spirit of the Century universe. It's an action-selection game where you play Centurions traveling around the world via jetpack, biplane and zeppelin for a global scavenger hunt.

The images above are still in-progress, but give you a good sense of the direction we're heading. It's been a very fast process, starting from a week before Christmas up to the designs you see above. We're on-track to finish up the layout by the end of the month. How's that for a quick turnaround?

UPDATE: I neglected to give proper credit to Christian St. Pierre for the illustrations. He's the one responsible for the all the art you see above. I'm doing the backgrounds, frames, iconography, typography and branding. "I do all the visuals the artist doesn't" is what I like to say.


  1. Amazing, Daniel. I can hardly wait!

  2. Very cool. Did you do the artwork, or was that provided by the game designers?

  3. The illustrations are by Christian St. Pierre. Actually, I should include that note in the post. Thanks!

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  5. Awesome. Are you done yet?!?!? I want to buy this game!!!


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