Swap Clops

Clops are one-eyed creatures with lots of personality. You're going to move them around and collect groups with matching faces. Score points by collecting lots of Clops! Score bonus points by collecting Clops with the same likes!

Clops have three main characteristics: Shapes, Faces, and Likes. First, Clops come in three shapes, either circles, squares or triangles. Second, Clops have five faces: Angry (Red), Worried (White), Serious (Blue), Bleeeh! (Green) and Happy (Yellow). And lastly, Clops have five likes: Sunshine, Apples, the Moon, Stars, and Books.

» Development Status: Beta, Dormant
» Illustrations: Kari Fry

Stuff You Need
A supply of 90 Clop Tiles [These designs are very beta.]
2-4 Players

Set Up
Arrange a grid of 8x8 tiles, randomly drawn from the supply. Make sure they're all rotated in the same direction.

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How to Play
Each player takes turns, starting with the youngest player.

1) Swap two Clops
On your turn, choose two Clops with the same shape and swap their places.

2) Collect Groups of Clops
When you create a contiguous group of four or more Clops with the same face, collect the tiles in those groups. Place them face down in front of you. It is possible to make two groups in the same turn. Tiles only count as a group vertically or horizontally, not diagonally. If a tile has a wall, that wall separates it from its neighbors on the other side, effectively preventing that Clop from joining a group on that side.

3) Add new Clops
Fill the empty spaces with new random Clops from the supply. Fill in each space in order, starting from left to right, top to bottom. If you end up creating new groups in doing so, you do not collect them.

End of the Game and Scoring
The game ends when there are no new Clops to place. Continue the round until all players have had a turn. Then, score points.

You score one point for every Clop you collected.

There is also a +5 point bonus if you collected the most of a single like. For example, if you collected the most sunshine, you get an extra 5 points. If you collected the most Apples, you also get an extra 5 points. And so on, an extra 5 points for each like, if you're the player who collected the most of that like.

The player with the most points wins!


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