9 Lives Card Game - Prototype B

Here's a new family card game I've been tinkering with over the past few months. You may recall some previous posts on the subject here and here. Well, with a bit of streamlining for the rules and a few tweaks here and there, I've managed design what I hope is a fun, fast, light strategy game that plays well with two to nine players. Yep, nine.

The premise of the game is that nine house cats have escaped. It's your job to bring them back home. The challenge is bringing them home while also making sure they're happy as possible with they return. Sometimes it's hard to do both! You know how cats are.

Players bid for cards, each featuring one of the nine cats. You're trying to claim the majority of the cards featuring a specific cat, thus allowing you to score points from that cat. However, not all cards are worth points, so simply winning a majority of those cards won't guarantee the best score.

This plus a little Baccarat-style mid-game scoring amounts to a light, tactical mini auction. Hope you enjoy! Please feel free to share your feedback.

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