Belle of the Ball - Jacqui Davis' Art Preview Part 2


Last week you saw the first art preview for Belle of the Ball. Jacqui Davis is still working away at the rest of the guests. There are a lot of 'em! Once again, here's more art from Jacqui. Don't forget, Belle of the Ball will be kickstarted by Dice Hate Me Games in late Summer 2013 for an early 2014 release. You can find more about the game on the DHM site here.

In this update, you'll see one guest who may have a subtle resemblance to yours truly. That's probably because I wanted a character making an exaggerated "FFFFFF" sound and I sent a silly selfie as photo reference. See if you can spot it!


Jamshire County's pristine vineyards produces the best jams and wines in Ludobel. L to R: Lady Radioactive Rendermum, Barge of Jamshire; Apple Ash, Cape of Jamshire; Bumblebee Bindlemeg, Eye of Jamshire; Lord Marmalade Megablade, Ace of Jamshire; Gapplepap Gravelsap, Drake of Jamshire.


Glitterfall County is a sunny resort island with a landmark waterfall, just off the coast of Ludobel's mainland. L to R: Lord Waffle Wumple, Ace of Glitterfall; Lady Hard Cider, Barge of Glitterfall; Ffffaaaaa Flippinbird, Drake of Glitterfall; Ragathan Roffle, Eye of Glitterfall; Mumblecore Masherfax, Cape of Glitterfall.


Krinkle County is a cold, mountainous region, best known for its surprisingly warm baked treats. L to R: Stitch Sandybag, Inch of Krinkle; Blisterpack Bitack, Key of Krinkle; Lord Decimate Dunditel, Fool of Krinkle; Lady Velocipede Vintertav, Gem of Krinkle; Satisfied Stainclop, Jack of Krinkle.


Dent County's jewel magnates are the wealthiest citizens of Ludobel. The county is named for the giant canyon left behind from mining, now grown over with vines and bamboo. L to R: Lady Ubwub Ungerdub, Ace of Dent; Thathery Thumbvee, Eye of Dent; Xenon Xylosub, Drake of Dent; Lord Humblebrag Hamperrag, Barge of Dent; Gravity Gingersass, Cape of Dent.

There are still four more counties, so look for more previews in coming weeks. To see more of Jacqui Davis' work, go see her blog!


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