Belle of the Ball - Jacqui Davis' Art Preview Part 3

It's time for another art preview for my line-drafting card game Belle of the Ball. Check out the previous art previews here and here. This completes the full lineup of guests from across the counties of Ludobel, but look for more art previews to come, including the actual card design!


Boarsend County's ranches are home to all sorts of livestock. Watch where you step. L to R: Dirigible Dinnerbum, Inch of Boarsend; Lady Jinglebell Jittersend, Fool of Boarsend; Lord Zigzag Zithermend, Gem of Boarsend; Yagustus Yellowhire, Key of Boarsend; Pinchlehead Pimpleleg, Inch of Boarsend.


Egg County hosts Ludobel's major university and its kooky faculty. Guests from Egg are eager to talk about the latest scholarly theory on something-or-other. L to R: Lady Veranda Vendorcaria, Fool of Egg; Korakora Kampenwell, Key of Egg; Abacus Edgaloo, Inch of Egg; Lord Windmill Winkleshire, Gem of Egg; Tickleboo Tenderzoo, Jack of Egg.


Flappingcap County is the technological hub of Ludobel, always rolling out some new invention. Guests from Flappingcap usually come straight from the lab. L to R: Lady Pantspantspants Patchpaw, Lance of Flappingcap; Amelio Shmelio, Zest of Flappingcap; Quentin Quanzaria, Wall of Flappingcap; Lord Lafayette Linenhatch, Quill of Flappingcap; Finrod Fungaldum, Rock of Flappingcap.


Latesun County life is focused on Ludobel's naval fleet and its finely uniformed crew. They've been idle for years, so there's plenty of time to look good. L to R: Dithith Dithercrath, Wall of Latesun; Gigglelack Lololol, Zest of Latesun; Lord Grumblin Gristlepinch, Lance of Latesun; Lady Ribbleraw Razzlaw, Quill of Latesun; Zanzibar Zinfenfire, Rock of Latesun.


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