Interviews on Happy Mitten, Little Metal Dog Show, and All Us Geeks

I've been on several podcasts over the past few weeks promoting Koi Pond, Belle of the Ball, Princess Bride: Battle of Wits and my upcoming card design class. Of course each show is different and topics drift wherever the conversation may go. Here's a roundup of some of those interviews and a special treat at the end of the post if you want to hear me get absolutely crushed in Twilight Imperium.

Happy Mitten Podcast: Episode 5
First up, the new baby of the podcast scene is the Happy Mitten Podcast. This show focuses mainly on the business side of the hobby, including how I started my career in gaming and how it's been progressing this year. Listen to this one if you'd like to learn a little about how I try to keep my brain in one piece despite having so many responsibilities at once.

Little Metal Dog: Episode 61
It's always great coming back to the Little Metal Dog Show. This is my third appearance on the show, if my count is correct. In this episode, I give a quick preview of my Princess Bride game tentatively titled Battle of Wits. I spend much more time discussing the pros and cons of print-on-demand services and how I'm faring with Koi Pond on DriveThruCards.

All Us Geeks
Here's where I ramble on quite a bit about my habit of designing games in public. It's an important part of my process and really how I've managed to make it as far into the gaming business as I have. Listen in to find out why I never worry about my ideas being stolen. I wouldn't be where I am today if I wasn't open about my design process.

And a special treat:

The State of Games, Episode 46 – The One About the Fate of the Galaxy
I recently played State of Games for the first time with a bunch of friends old and new. We recorded reality-show style confessionals between rounds explaining our strategies in private. You can hear all my galactic dreams collapsing as it becomes evident that the game will end without me scoring a single point. Twelve hours. Zero points. It's hilarious.


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