Train Town - Prototype B



Well, the response to yesterday's post was really positive, so I've put together a printable prototype for Train Town with a slight retheme. Now, tourists are taking a trip through Train Town to see their favorite attractions. You're trying to build a route that will take as many tourists to as many of their desired attractions as possible.

The attractions are one of three types of terrain, one of four types of foliage, and one of nine buildings. Each card has three attractions, as shown in the example above. This was a much more organic way to show what features are on each card without resorting to abstract icons. The theme lends itself well to making landscapes and map-like areas too.

Here's an example of what the prototype looks like in play.

And here's an example of how you can score on your turn. Let's say you placed the tile highlighted in pink below, thus creating the paths highlighted in blue and yellow.

Tourists on the blue path want to see the giant Santa. There is one Santa on this path, so you score 1 pt for that. The tourists also want to see the business building, and there is one on this path, so you score 1 pt again.

Tourists on the yellow path want to see a tall tree and a red tree. There is one tall tree and three red trees, so you score 4 more points. You score 6 pts this turn!


UPDATE: Hey all! Just wanted to clear up a couple questions that have come up from another playtester:

How many times can a card be swapped or rotated?
I assume you're using a Condition card to do this, so you may swap/rotate any tile if the Condition card is being used. After using those Condition cards, they're discarded, thus limiting the number of times the tile can be manipulated. For example, if you used the Condition card that says "On a player's turn, she may first discard this card to swap two path tiles." You would discard that Condition card, swap two path tiles of your choice, then continue with your turn as normal. You couldn't keep manipulating those two tiles because the Condition card has already been used. Make sense?

Can you clarify adjacency? Also, does a path card have to be placed adjacent to the previously placed card?
Cards must be placed within the play area, *orthogonally* adjacent to any other card. It cannot be placed diagonally, so you couldn't place a Path tile into the center of the board until at least the second turn minimum. It does not have to be adjacent to the most recently placed Path card. It may be placed anywhere.

What happens to the empty spot after discarding a Condition card?
After a Condition card is discarded, it is *not* replaced. It just leaves an empty corner after it is used.

When is a Condition card used discarded during a turn? Before drawing a path card?
Yes, this is before you draw a new Path card. I'll try to make that and other orders of operations clearer in the rules.

What about Condition cards that do not say they're discarded? Does it stay in play?
If a Condition card doesn't say it must be discarded to be used, then it stays in play.

How many times can a single attraction be scored on the same path? Just once, or multiple times if the path loops around and returns to the same attraction?
Each attraction is only worth 1 pt per corresponding dock. For example, if your tourists want to see a Soda shop and they were on a path that goes past a Soda shop, you'd score 1 pt. If the path loops around and returns to the same Soda shop, it would not score another point. Think of it as the tourists already being bored with the soda shop after having seen it once already. The only exception to this would be if *both* ends of the path had soda shops. In that case, each first visit would be worth 2 pts, because there are two separate tour groups interested in seeing that soda shop.


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