ISO Obscure Hero Art for Superhero Audition Placeholders

So I really want to get some playtesting in for Superhero Audition, but it's clear that it needs some actual visuals on the cards to really get the feel of the game. The silhouettes just ain't enough, but I can't afford all that custom art just yet, so I need placeholder art.

The problem is that if the placeholder art is too recognizable (Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, etc) that might distract from the game a bit. I need obscure superhero art that would be suitable placeholders for these characters:

Chief Irritant
Grouper Man
Canine Chancellor
Superior Lad
Baby Hands McGee
Second Wind
Nightvision & Squint
Scotch Ape
Gold Mime
Vampire Matt
The Critic
Rooster Jones
C Everett Goop
Brother Nature
Bento Fox
Head Count
The Honey Badger
Stiff Upper Whip
Professor Pharoah
General Lee Speaking
Pixie Kicks
The Pregnant Pause
Martial Paw
Lightning Round
The Whisper
Ghost of Tesla
Doctor Dimension
Grim & Tonic
Luna Goth
Pearl Reckless

I'd appreciate any help you can offer. Found something cool on DeviantArt? Maybe Project Rooftop? Maybe an old superhero trading card? Send me a link! Here's the ongoing Pinterest board.
Daniel Solis
Art Director by Day. Game Designer by Night.