GMSarli's 15 Steps for a Successful Kickstarter Project

Following up on the Hit Thirty Early Kickstarter tips, here's a much more thorough set of advice on Kickstarting your game design project. Gary M. Sarli (GMSarli) posted 15 Steps to a Successful Kickstarter project, starting from pre-launch buzz build-up, to post-fundraising fulfillment, and plenty of advice for everything between. He articulates a lot of advice that I haven't had a chance to put into words. And now I don't have to! Thanks, Gary! :D

» GMSarli's 15 Steps for a Successful Kickstarter Project
» Photo: CC-BY-NC-SA Stefan Tell


  1. Thanks for the shout out, Daniel! I hope others find that post helpful. :)

  2. I definitely wish someone laid it all out like you did before we had to figure it out for ourselves. :)


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