I'm never not playtesting. [T-Shirt]

A few months ago, I quietly uploaded this t-shirt design to the shop. As I recall, there was an ongoing discussion about the pros and cons of playtesting. I posted this design as a bit of a joke.

Though I may call one of my games "finished," I'm never really done tweaking it in my mind. And certainly when I play someone else's games, my mind is turning over all the nuances of the design, trying to hack it for a new theme or bolting together different mechanics. The process never really ends.

If you feel the same way, grab this t-shirt from the store. Giulia already has hers, as you can see up at the top of this post. She says, "True to the spirit of the shirt, here I am trying to eat soup with chopsticks." True to the spirit indeed. Keep at it, Giulia!

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