MetaFilter discusses The Thousand-Year Game Design Challenge

There's an ongoing discussion of the Thousand-Year Game Design Challenge on MetaFilter that has already drifted into posthumanism, Calvinball, copyrights, and the game market in general. Step in and speak your mind!

» MetaFilter: Dude. MOVE ALREADY.
» Video Above: A game in Cambodia's Ankor district ruins, posted in comments.


  1. The board reminded me of although it's obvious that isn't what they're playing.

  2. The comments on the youtube video say it's a flight game, where you're trying not to get your piece cornered.

  3. I kinda figured something like that, but I couldn't follow the pieces - 3 of them look quite similar. Do you think the game is asymetrical and one player controls 3 out of 4 pieces, or is it just me failing at identifying the diferences between the stones?

  4. Scratch that - watching the video again makes me think maybe it's about cornering the white stone on *your* turn. There doesn't seem to be any specific piece ownership...

  5. I think you're right. I really wish I knew what the game was called.

  6. I think the game is this:

    It's clear from the video that the older player is playing only the two slightly lighter stones, the younger player the slightly darker ones, and that the side with the gap is the bottom one (I think the man actually calls it the 'hole' at one point? As if this is a symbol of the fact that this line is not traversible by either player?)

    Given the simplicity of the game I would think a win requires an obvious mistake by the opponent, since it looked very easy to cycle between states from which no immediate win was possible.

  7. Ah! So the resemblance to tic tac toe wasn't just my imagination.


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