Thousand-Year Game Design Challenge - April Update

The Thousand-Year Game Design Challenge
After no new entries in March, it was great to see a flurry of great new entries coming in early April, a couple of which have playable demos online!

Zuniq by Marcos Donnantuoni
Don't be fooled if this game looks like the dots-and-lines game you played as a kid. Marcos has added some new tricks to breathe life into this long-lived past-time. Small rules changes and a unique endgame mechanic make this a clever variation on a classic gameplay motif.

Board Tag by Greg Stolze
And here comes veteran game designer Greg Stolze with a clever interpretation of Tag, translated to game pieces on a chess board. Each player controls three runners, moving all across the spaces of the grid while the IT player moves along the lines and vertices.

Rin by Zhen Wang
Speaking of classics, Zhen Wang brings us an interesting abstract strategy game inspired by the ancient game Go. Zhen says it "involves simpler rules and a similar emphasis on efficiency of moves." Check it out and tell us what you think in the comments!


  1. I think Rin would be a lovely way of teaching fighting in Go, without having to worry about the complexity of territory.


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