[Do] Saturday Night Group - Episode 1

Actual Play of Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple
This is a story created by playing Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple.

The Pilgrims

Pilgrim Delicate Brick gets in trouble by being frail and helps people by build stronger relationships. (Written by Matt)
World Destiny: 0
Temple Destiny: 0

Pilgrim Red Shirt gets in trouble by having a bad temper and helps people by drawing away danger. (Written by Daniel)
World Destiny: 0
Temple Destiny: 0

Pilgrim Marvelous Mollusk gets in trouble by being overly-dramatic and overdoing things and helps people by polishing things up. (Written by Raven)
World Destiny: 0
Temple Destiny: 0

The Letter

"Swallowed Whole" by Ben Lehman

The Story

While the whale remains startled from Mollusk's approach, pilgrim Delicate Brick goes down the whale's blowhole, looking for MELANIE.

The blowhole seems to narrow as pilgrim Delicate Brick crawls down, until finds he can only push his head out to look around inside the WHALE.

Pilgrim Red Shirt draws the whale's attention away from Pilgrim Marvelous Mollusk and calms it down.

Pilgrim Red Shirt succeeds too well at getting the whale's attention, and the whale decides he is another tasty morsel and EATs him!

Pilgrim Marvellous Mollusk gets the whale to spit out pilgrim Red Shirt because (and reveal with a flourish) he has a giant plate of the most incredible COOKIES ever baked!

Because they are the most delicious cookies, the whale swallows Pilgrim Marvelous Mollusk and he crashes into the Melanie's trees.

Stuck in the whale's blowhole, pilgrim Delicate Brick strains and strains until POP! he goes flying out of the blowhole and lands on some...trees?!?

In the branches of the trees, Pilgrim Delicate Brick finds himself facing a vicious, hissing CAT that he most certainly can't defend himself against!

Pilgrim Red Shirt flies to the Pilgrim Delicate Brick's rescue, catching Melanie's cat as it leaps at him!

Unfortunately, trying to fight with an angry cat and flying at the same time sends Pilgrim Red Shirt careening towards the HOUSE!


Pilgrim Marvelous Mollusk dusts himself off and floats down to the ground as the whale burps from the cookies, and out pops Melanie's planet.

Pilgrim Delicate Brick negotiates between the whale and Melanie, so that the whale will protect her and her planet (and cat and trees), in exchange for more cookies.

Upon returning her cat, Pilgrim Red Shirt suggests that the whale protect her world from anything else that would try to eat it.

New Names

Pilgrim Delicious Shirt gets in trouble because he looks like food and helps people by drawing away danger. (Daniel)
World Destiny: 2
Temple Destiny: 2

Pilgrim Marvelous Candy gets in trouble by overdoing things and helps people by baking treats. (Raven)
World Destiny: 0
Temple Destiny: 2

Pilgrim Reckless Brick gets into trouble because he can't control where he's going and helps people by building stronger relationships. (Matt)
World Destiny: 2
Temple Destiny: 1


This is the last of the first episodes for any of the groups. From here on out, each group chooses their own letters to answer and thus choose the direction of their journey.

Looking back at how the different groups approached this letter, I can say with some certainty that I the whale's blowhole is about as well protected as a Death Star exhaust vent. Dude needs to watch that orifice better. :P


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