More Game Ideas

This post is part of a series compiling random game ideas I tweet occasionally. Some develop into full games, some not, I leave them here for my own future reference.
  • Game Idea: A train/railroad board game rethemed for a parade. Visions of Paprika in mind.

  • Game Idea: Chess var. Open w standard pawns. Other pieces set aside. On turn, move a piece or place new piece behind pawn. Cont. as normal.

  • Game Idea: Play involves laying out cards for combos. (Doubles, Triples, etc). Can use other player's cards + your cards for other combos.

  • Reading "More Information Than You Require." Struck by idea for game based on Batman ep "Almost Got 'im"

  • Game Idea: Oshi, with slightly larger board and triomino pieces. On your turn, move or rotate one of your pieces.

  • Game Idea: Tiles w Straight/Turning paths. Tiles move 1 space unless passing over another tile; follow paths til reaching open space.


  1. I've been thinking about placement chess, too. You might be interested in the Burmese chess solution to the problem, which is where my chess variant came from.


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