Interview with Adam Dray on Jennisodes

Interviews with Daniel Solis
I met Jenn Wong at Dreamation this year but it seems like we've known each other far longer. (Hi, Jenn!) She was in the first public game of Happy Birthday, Robot!, which put HBR down the road to publication a short time later.

I met Adam Dray in the mean streets of the Story-Games forum and discussions of his game Verge. When it came time for HBR to go to publication, I knew I needed a good editor. Adam came highly recommended, so I hit him up. :)

You can hear all about these stories on Jennisodes #5: Editors and Layout Guys. Jenn interviewed Adam and I in this odd time right before HBR was published, right before my wife and I got married, right before we moved to a new house. You can hear all those stories in the podcast. Check it out!


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