More Game Ideas

This post is part of a series compiling random game ideas I tweet occasionally. Some develop into full games, some not, I leave them here for my own future reference.
  • Game Idea: A train/railroad board game rethemed for a parade. Visions of Paprika in mind.

  • Game Idea: Chess var. Open w standard pawns. Other pieces set aside. On turn, move a piece or place new piece behind pawn. Cont. as normal.

  • Game Idea: Play involves laying out cards for combos. (Doubles, Triples, etc). Can use other player's cards + your cards for other combos.

  • Reading "More Information Than You Require." Struck by idea for game based on Batman ep "Almost Got 'im"

  • Game Idea: Oshi, with slightly larger board and triomino pieces. On your turn, move or rotate one of your pieces.

  • Game Idea: Tiles w Straight/Turning paths. Tiles move 1 space unless passing over another tile; follow paths til reaching open space.
Daniel Solis
Art Director by Day. Game Designer by Night.